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What Makes it Primo?

When we first opened our doors in South Philadelphia, it seemed like there was a hoagie shop on every street corner. With so much competition around, it forced us to develop something different – and it worked.

Primo Opportunity

Lots of room to grow! Unlike other franchising sectors where the big, older players dominate the entire industry, the sub and sandwich industry has a lot more room for opportunities.

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“I’ve been a franchisee for 15 years now and Primos is STILL The best in its class !!!! I dare anyone to find a superior hoagie. That’s why I love Primos.” – Judy Chong, Franchisee
“Primo’s is top quality meats, breads and cheeses…that’s what really sets us aside.” – Brandon Perozzi, Franchisee
“I started working at PrimoHoagies in Wildwood Crest and felt like it was the only sandwich shop in New Jersey. To become a franchise owner and make a difference in the community, especially through the pandemic has been unbelievable.” – Pat Gorham, Franchisee
Ready to Make it Primo?

We are looking for amazing people that are ready to make an investment in their future and themselves. Please, tell us more about you!

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Converting the world into “hoagies” one PrimoHoagies at a time 🇮🇹 Follow us to see where we are opening next! 
Tell us, what do you call it? A sub or a hoagie? 

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Fun fact: we've got meatless options! Perfect for those who like sandwiches but love their plant-based diet more. 🌿 Check out our menu today and see which hoagie you'll try first! #meatlesshoagies #primohoagies #makeitprimo