The 411 on Owning a Sandwich Franchise  


Thinking about getting into the sandwich business? Buying a sandwich franchise is an excellent way to join the fast casual food industry. Sandwich shops are a proven business model with a strong track record of profitability and success. In fact, Americans eat 300 million sandwiches per year!  They’re quick, versatile, affordable and convenient – and the options are endless. Sandwich shops also require less kitchen space, inventory, and staff compared to other restaurants. 


Consumers today want versatility and sandwiches are the perfect customized option and can present a healthier alternative to many fast casual options on the market today like burgers, fried chicken, and pizza.  


The demand is real but finding the right opportunity can feel overwhelming given the number of possibilities available to potential franchise buyers.  


What’s on the menu? 


There are many fast casual franchise options right now, and the trend continues to grow, particularly in the sandwich sector. The market size, measured by revenue, of the Sandwich & Sub Store Franchises industry is $24.2bn in 2023. From local favorites to convenient delivery and pick up options for consumers, the sandwich industry continues to reinvent itself to attract customers in new ways.  


What should you consider in your search?  


To start, you’ll want to look for a brand with several features, including:  


  • Quality ingredients 

  • Healthy options and alternatives 

  • Creative menus – something for everyone! 

  • A loyal customer following  

  • Convenient features that meet consumer needs and preferences. 


But when it comes to logistics and the bottom line, you’ll need to compare franchise fee, royalties, store size, reputation, investment range, the brand’s number of franchises, and plans for growth. 


And last but certainly not least – franchise support. Research and examine the type of support available from the buying stage to the grand opening and beyond. 







The right support  


As a franchise owner, you’ll want and need support from your franchise partner. The right franchise will set you up for success and help you to establish a high-traffic neighborhood destination.  


At PrimoHoagies, we pay particular attention to helping our franchisees with the management of their business with experts in each department, including operations, marketing, and finance, who all focus their attention on driving sales and maximizing profitability. And we’ve established long-term vendor partnerships to secure uninterrupted delivery of our trademark fresh ingredients and dependable equipment to our franchise locations. 


PrimoHoagies credits its success to its commitment to ongoing enhancements in customer service and franchisee support – and consumers want ease and convenience. In the past three years, PrimoHoagies has implemented technology innovations to simplify the customer experience, including its new point-of-sale (POS) system and customer loyalty program.  


A proven track record 


Do your homework. Consider the brand’s geographic development plans, new market development and sales growth over recent years. 

Since 2020, PrimoHoagies has achieved double-digit sales growth each year and is on its way to becoming  one of the fastest growing sandwich brands in America with more than 90 locations – and another 100 in the works! In 2022, the brand announced its expansion to five new states – Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, and Texas – extending its presence across 12 states in total.  

Fueled by this successful business model, PrimoHoagies sold 47 franchise locations in 2021 and another 48 in 2022, with new stores including non-traditional sites like the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. Consumer demand has also sparked additional locations in established markets along the East Coast. 

At PrimoHoagies, we have an entire team of the fast-casual restaurant industry's finest training staff to teach you the ropes and support you throughout your franchise career. Request infoand get started today!